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"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

We, at Viper Hobbies help you to metamorphose your dreams into reality. At Viper Hobbies, we also educate the well skilled students with the most proper guidance, concerned with quality and nature and help them with the right choice of materials and plans for engraving their victorious signs at the RC competitions.

Unfortunately, many brilliant minds with very good ideas end up in wrong place. As a result, they do nothing other than wasting time and money. They find themselves rather discouraged after the process. For the people who prefer working SMART, this is the right place; Viper Hobbies will ensure you leapfrog the competition. Yes, in fact, we have already been promoting learning-through-motorsport by encouraging novice RC enthusiasts and by offering support to tech-passionate students.

The RC products have been tested for failures and abused for million cycles. Still our RC components are giving fantastic results to the users while others are biting the dust. We deal with only reputed International RC Manufacturers; who over the years have been producing precision engineered components with the highest reliability and unsurpassed levels of customer satisfaction.

The first technological venture at Viper Hobbies started in 2009 by RC hobbyists with a decade of experience in Racing and innovative students from premier technology schools came together. The students had gained RC know-how by participating in competitions such as JK Tyre SAE Baja (All-Terrain Vehicle Engineering Event), Techfest, Shaastra etc.

Our motto is to create geniuses from passionate minds by providing them with proper familiarity with regard to vehicle behaviour, radio components, engine tuning and design and manufacturing of components for usage in competitions and other forums; this will aid personal skill development. We strongly believe that sharing crucial past competition experiences, optimal utilisation of resources and imparting RC driving skills by training would give them the impetus required for excellence in the RC field.

Viper Hobbies is complete with infrastructure for fabrication of critical components, servicing of RC vehicles, track maintained at international standards and alliances with recognised and leading RC companies overseas for uninterrupted supply of exotic materials/components and for continuous development of our technical competencies. One of our visions, among many, is to establish India as a major player in RC technology; at par with other Nations who have had a longstanding domination in the segment. We encourage student feedback and will ensure you are entrusted with a never ending thirst for knowledge.

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