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ARTF Quadcopter

Product Description:

Viper Hobbies brings you a high quality quadcopter at a very low price. Performance components have been optimally configured for very good stability and convenient flying. This quad is a versatile platform for both amatuer flying and avid professionals.

The highly efficient motor that employs Japanese bearings; the precision prop and the rugged yet extremely lightweight frame that has the capacity to endure crashes are altogether assimilated into an Ideal Quadcopter.


  • Flame Wheel 450 Frame x 1
  • Free Flight Controller x 1
  • X2212 Motors x 4
  • 20A Electronic Speed Controller x 4
  • ESC connection board x 1
  • 11.1V 2200mah Lipo Battery
  • Propeller x 4


  • Free Flight FF Auto Balance Controller with 3 axis Gyro and 3D Accelerometer
  • Ultra strength material design provides better crashworthiness
  • Supports aerial photography and FPV applications
  • Optimized frame design, provides abundant assemble space for autopilot systems.


  • Frame: Distance - 450mm, Weight – 280g
  • Motor: Rpm - 980KV, Weight - 52g
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