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RC Car Workshop
Learning the building of a scaled car model provides vital inputs to engineering a passenger/commercial automobile. The professional team of Viper Hobbies provides the participants with a detailed package of information viz. the building of a remote controlled car; the processes involved in the fabrication of the different components like the suspension and steering system, drive-train etc. At the macro level, a student is given the confidence; and the all the prerequisite information for the design and manufacturing of an automobile. The exceptionally awesome feature about this workshop is that this is STILL the FIRST OF ITS KIND involving a range of high value RC kits at incredibly paltry prices in India

RC Stunt show
Miraculous and innovative stunts that ridicule the commonplace spins, turns and rolls, will be performed by the Experts to enthral the crowd. This event showcases our finest racing talents and manoeuvring skills with the RC cars, RC Helicopters and RC motorbikes. This show will melt your hearts and effortlessly win over you to drive home an/few RC machine/machines right away..

RC Tricopter
A tricopter is a flying thing that uses 3 motors and propellers to stay airborne. The speed of each of these motors can be controlled independently. Additionally, the motor at the rear can be rotated left and right via a servo. One propeller turns clockwise; two propellers turn counter-clockwise to minimize torque. Gyroscopes and accelerometers are used to stabilize the inherently unstable system. The pilot can control the tricopter with a remote control. Height, nick, roll and yaw are controlled via the remote control. We will explain all the basic principles and with the making followed by actual testing, you could take your Tricopter home, incorporate a video camera and spy on your neighbourhood. .



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