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Product Description:

The GS XUT RTR comes with full CVD drive shafts and GS Truggy dish wheels pre glued with GS cubic tires.This popular Truggy comes fully assembles and includes a GS R25MT series engine,tuned pipe and Korn design painted and decaled body.

The chassis offers lowest centre of gravity in a 1/8th Truggy,with the centre of weight mass concentrated as close to centre line as possible.The XUT RTR features a professional aluminium hard coated 3mm chassis,3mm 7075 front and rear shock towers.

The XUT has been dominating truggy racing since its introduction in the fall of 2003.GS Factory Ace Marty Korn TQ'ed and won the Norrca Nationals during this year.In 2004 XUT Pro was released making an immediate splash on the truggy scene by taking 3 spots in the A Main at the Nitro Challenge and TQ'ing and Winning the Maxx Challenge. And to be named the 2004 RC Pro Series National Champion.



  •  Low C.G., light weight, easy maintenance, ultra fast acceleration, and unbeatable handling
  • 100% factory assembled 1/8th scale race truggy
  • Tuned .25 exhaust system
  • GS dish truggy wheels with pre-glue
  • GS cubic truggy tires
  • Aluminium 13mm big bore oil-filled shocks


  •  Length: 530mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Height: 215mm
  • Ground Clearance: 75mm
  • Weight: 4150g
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